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Jaguar Land Rover challenges all its Apprentices to take personal responsibility for their own learning and development from the outset of their Apprenticeship with us, and throughout their career.

We ask this, as the day-to-day tasks faced by our Apprentices and our workforce are constantly changing, driven by the introduction of ever more complex technologies and diagnostic techniques. Today’s Apprentice not only has to demonstrate expertise in the technical side of their role, but they must have strong problem-solving skills, must be able to work independently but also operate as an effective team member, understand how the business functions, have good customer handling skills and identify ways in which they can work more efficiently. 

The Jaguar Land Rover Retail Apprenticeship Programme supports its Apprentices to take ownership of their personal learning and development through a range of activities used to deliver a robust range of wider learning skills including study skills, an exploration of contemporary issues, an awareness of personal development and health education, the promotion of employability skills and development of social awareness.

Through the Jaguar Land Rover Retailer Apprenticeship Programme, you will be provided with the opportunity to develop not only your technical knowledge and skills, but broaden the behaviours that will make you ever more employable, and take pride in both your own and our values.

Our programme further supports Apprentices to develop their own learning and development through the delivery and assessment of:

  1. An induction week at the start of the Apprenticeship aimed to welcome Apprentices to Jaguar Land Rover, and to learn about how and the way we work
  2. Online learning to support the awareness, development and understanding of functional skills, personal development, behaviour and welfare (PDBW), including Safeguarding, Prevent and British Values
  3. A Retailer Project which is used to teach Apprentices about the Retail business, the roles therein, how the Retailer teams work together and communicate with each other, to deal with customers in a professional manner, and to build confidence in ways which we might improve the business, and
  4. A Personal Development Week is built into each of our Programmes, designed to support the development of leadership and teamwork skills. 

By committing to this approach, Jaguar Land Rover aims to provide every Apprentice with a meaningful experience that will positively support your progression and to take pride in your achievements, and to be well prepared to respect others and contribute to wider society and life in Britain.