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Customer First Behaviours

The Jaguar Land Rover Customer First Principles were introduced in late 2016, aimed at building global respect and pride in our brand, and proving a platform for the continuous improvement in all aspects of behaviours of its workforce for today and tomorrow. The Academy is at the forefront of ensuring that the Apprentices we recruit are suitable, supported and challenged to achieve their best to underpin our Customer First Principles.


Here we demonstrate how the Academy and it's people are committed to the development and achievement of the Technical Apprenticeship programme, including Functional Skills and Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare, during Apprenticeship recruitment and training. We refer to these commitments as 'our values'.

The aim of these values is to support the promotion of Customer First Principles, underpinning our technical and behavioural requirements.


PERSONALISED: Flexible, respectful, tailored, individual, not one size fits all

  • The Academy will treat its learners and their employers in a personalised manner
  • Every apprentice is different, and the Academy encourages and welcomes diversity and inclusion
  • Every apprentice will receive a personalised learning development plan complete with technical training,  Functional Skills and Personal Development, Behaviours and Welfare (PDBW)

TRANSPARENT: Trusted, open, with best interests at heart

  • We want our learners, and their employers, to trust in our education and professional development
  • Our tailored approach to each apprentice will ensure we have their best interests at heart
  • We will support every Apprentice to develop their technical and employability skills and behaviours

DEPENDABLE: Doing the things we say we will do and when we say we will

  • The Academy will assess every Apprentice from the outset to deliver a tailored and appropriate personal development plan
  • The Academy will support and challenge our Apprentices to develop and achieve their technical education and skills, their Functional Skills, and support their Personal Development, Behaviours and Welfare in a timely manner
  • The Academy will measure, monitor and evaluate the progress of all Apprentices, and challenge learners to take responsbility for their own development

EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH: Putting in the effort, life is busy and complex, so let's make life simpler and easier

  • The Academy requires every Apprentice to take responsibility for themselves, be it training and development, or in the development of the behaviours we expect of our workforce
  • The Academy will require every Apprentice to achieve the Maths, English and ICT skills fit for the workplace in a timely manner
  • The Academy will support Apprentices to develop themselves, to challenge them with PDBW training, and to assess their behaviours in line with our Customer First Principles, and our Codes of Practice
  • We expect our Apprentices and their employers to value, support and commit to the achievement of these Principles

MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL: Look after and value me for today and tomorrow, and doing the small things that matter

  • The Academy will implement its policies related to Teaching and Assessment, Functional Skills and PDBW to ensure the timely achievement of all aspects of training and development within the Apprenticeship for all our Apprentices
  • In doing so, Jaguar Land Rover is committed to looking after and developing its current and future workforce

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